What does ‘Lagom’ mean?

Many Swedes believe the myth that the word ‘lagom’ comes from the old times when most Swedes were farmers or Vikings, and drank mead from the same horn or bowl.When they handed it around in circles, they tried to make sure that everyone got their fair share or ‘laget om’ around the whole team.The word ‘Lagom’ is now the latest Scandinavian trend to hit the global stage – meaning ’not too little, not too much – just right – optimal!

Founder and Director, Linda Davis has had a successful career of over 25 years in the advertising, print and marketing services production business including  Point-of-Sale, packaging and digital production. As a creative services production business we offer clients quality tailored solutions for their design, marketing, packaging and printing requirements.

We are a team who are passionate about producing the best possible outcome for our clients, within budget. As an independent business we are not constrained by in-house bureaucracy or high overheads.

Focus on Quality

At Lagom Productions we see ourselves as our clients ‘strategic partner’ – proactive, passionate about attention to detail and most importantly a focus on quality. We strive to provide ‘added value’ in our client relationship – we want to be our clients ‘eyes and ears’ to to what’s new and relevant coming up with new ideas to successfully achieve their business goals.

We don’t just work with our clients – we collaborate with them. We take the time to gather deep insights about your organisation, your brand and your strategic objectives to ensure our creative solutions and print project management experience get the results you want.